Dendro  5.01
Dendro in Greek language means tree. The Dendro library is a large scale (262K cores on ORNL's Titan) distributed memory adaptive octree framework. The main goal of Dendro is to perform large scale multiphysics simulations efficeiently in mordern supercomputers. Dendro consists of efficient parallel data structures and algorithms to perform variational ( finite element) methods and finite difference mthods on 2:1 balanced arbitary adaptive octrees which enables the users to perform simulations raning from black holes (binary black hole mergers) to blood flow in human body, where applications ranging from relativity, astrophysics to biomedical engineering.
SFC Namespace Reference


template<typename T >
int compare (const void *ap, const void *bp)

Detailed Description

: Milinda Fernando School of Computing, University of Utah Contains SFC based searching functionality (finalized) for Morton and Hilbert Curve. this searching functionality is mainly used the mesh generation stage.