Dendro  5.01
Dendro in Greek language means tree. The Dendro library is a large scale (262K cores on ORNL's Titan) distributed memory adaptive octree framework. The main goal of Dendro is to perform large scale multiphysics simulations efficeiently in mordern supercomputers. Dendro consists of efficient parallel data structures and algorithms to perform variational ( finite element) methods and finite difference mthods on 2:1 balanced arbitary adaptive octrees which enables the users to perform simulations raning from black holes (binary black hole mergers) to blood flow in human body, where applications ranging from relativity, astrophysics to biomedical engineering.
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nlohmann::detail::parser< BasicJsonType > Class Template Reference

syntax analysis More...

#include <json.hpp>

Public Types

enum  parse_event_t : uint8_t {
  parse_event_t::object_start, parse_event_t::object_end, parse_event_t::array_start, parse_event_t::array_end,
  parse_event_t::key, parse_event_t::value
using parser_callback_t = std::function< bool(int depth, parse_event_t event, BasicJsonType &parsed)>

Public Member Functions

 parser (detail::input_adapter_t adapter, const parser_callback_t cb=nullptr, const bool allow_exceptions_=true)
 a parser reading from an input adapter
void parse (const bool strict, BasicJsonType &result)
 public parser interface More...
bool accept (const bool strict=true)
 public accept interface More...

Detailed Description

template<typename BasicJsonType>
class nlohmann::detail::parser< BasicJsonType >

syntax analysis

This class implements a recursive decent parser.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ parse_event_t

template<typename BasicJsonType >
enum nlohmann::detail::parser::parse_event_t : uint8_t

the parser read { and started to process a JSON object


the parser read } and finished processing a JSON object


the parser read [ and started to process a JSON array


the parser read ] and finished processing a JSON array


the parser read a key of a value in an object


the parser finished reading a JSON value

Member Function Documentation

◆ accept()

template<typename BasicJsonType >
bool nlohmann::detail::parser< BasicJsonType >::accept ( const bool  strict = true)

public accept interface

[in]strictwhether to expect the last token to be EOF
whether the input is a proper JSON text

◆ parse()

template<typename BasicJsonType >
void nlohmann::detail::parser< BasicJsonType >::parse ( const bool  strict,
BasicJsonType &  result 

public parser interface

[in]strictwhether to expect the last token to be EOF
[in,out]resultparsed JSON value
parse_error.101in case of an unexpected token
parse_error.102if to_unicode fails or surrogate error
parse_error.103if to_unicode fails

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